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I am going to take your last post very personally

I am going to take your last post very personally, as I should. First of all let me state that my wife is not a dingbat….She is a degreed engineer from Purdue university and a vice president of an electrical company that has gross revenues in excess of 80 million dollars a year. Secondly, We waited for four years before having a child of our own. And for your information, it was a planned pregnancy. Third, Most fathers do not have the benefit of your lifestyle of “bird-nesting” where they get to enjoy sharing parental responsibilities as well as accomplishments of their children.

As to why my first wife and I divorced….It is none of your concern…but no matter the reason, and I assure you there was no infidelity or abuse, BOTH parents regardless of who gets custody are needed by the children and both should have access to the children. Unfortunately the courts and attorneys have been able to see that doesn’t happen. As far as the gentleman’s situation you mentioned and your remedy to his problems…sounds like old fashion intimidation to me…as well as a chance for someone like you to twist and pervert more of our laws. The man in question should not have his visitation denied…..and the ex wife should quit playing games…because the children are the ones who are also getting hurt in all of this.

As far as the case law you mentioned….I don’t need to have you spout it to me…I am well aware of it…and I have represented myself Pro Se for many years..(15) and have only lost twice…so I am quite adept with the law….and if you don’t know what is wrong “suggesting 18 yr olds get vasectomies and that Fathers who have children in subsequent marriages are “selfish”…then I am afraid I and Freud can’t help you. It is my opinion that you are a very dominating and intimidating personality.You think you are always right, fair,and your way is the only way….

I feel sorry for any woman who would commit to your personality and demands. To be honest….my wife thinks you are pretty much an idiot and that some of your fellow board members are also…especially the one who promotes incest as being healthy…..what a bunch of idiots….