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Bear these things in mind

#1. A court order is required to modify your support…not a suggestion by your ex or her attorney…They will need to schedule a modification hearing to address this issue. Any time support is modified it requires either an agreed entry signed by both parties..or.. a modification hearing.

I am in the same battle in Indiana…My divorce decree states I am to pay until the children reach 18. No mention of further education. I have been told by the child support prosecutor that the state law says I must pay until they are 21… We go to court next month to battle this…They want to make it retroactive…and they are going to lose…Because if they win..I will sue the ex, court, prosecutor, and the state for breach of contract. They all signed the agreement…and it was an agreement and approved..not ordered by the court.

#2. Another good argument is the cost of room and board and tuition..like you said…you had no say or input in this decision…tell them to try a state college or community college…where it is more affordable…

I respectfully submit this thought

I realize the cost of incarcerating the father will exceed $25,000.00 . But and If…. and we all know the danger of those two words…If this man were to have two more children per year….then in 8 years he would have a total of 16 more children….at a cost to the taxpayers of about $500.00 per week that the state would pay in AFDC. This then represents a cost of $26,000.00 per year to the taxpayers….

So maybe these Judges in their attempt to keep this from happening have threatened the man with incarceration….I just don’t understand why they haven’t done something to help or motivate this man to pay his support. If this man were myself…I would have been put in jail when I was only $400.00 behind….been there and done that….so the whole damn mess doesn’t make sense to me….

Question on child support

Hi, I live in Oregon. My daughter and her mother have decided that she will go to an out of state college with no input from me. My divorce decree from 12 years ago doesn’t mention anything about college.

It just says I will pay till my daughter turns 18 y.o. My daughter started school late, due to a birthday in November. She is almost 19. I still pay my child support faithfully every month, but now I am told I must pay $15,000 yearly plus my child support.

Does anyone have any info? I don’t want to get out of my obligation, I just am wondering if I have any rights? Do I still pay child support to the mother and $15,000 yearly in tuition? Supposedly we will be splitting this cost half and half. I have a feeling this figure will climb, as this number is for tuition only. I just don’t seem to have a voice here. Thank you, Andy.