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Looks like a dunk shot to me too

Who else will raise the newborns…sounds to me as though you are the only responsible level headed party here….Besides…kinda hard for the ex to fight custody when her ass is in jail…

I would also petition the court for guardianship of the other child as well….Then after you receive all this…because who is going to oppose, I would move…..this is my advice…strong but sure….

Thanks for the reply everyone

It is the mother who is now in jail and to make matters worse, she is in her 8th month of pregnancy with our twin boys. So just to make this clear…1st she did not bother to tell me that she was involved in a legal matter until after she told me she was pregnant with my daughter and I had moved 3000 miles to support her. 2nd while I busted my butt to support her, my daughter, and her daughter from another relationship…the mother laid on her butt and complained of how the stress of her situation was keeping her down. 3rd when the bills got to be too much for me to bear and I told her that she had to get a job…she got pregnant, and now I have twins on the way.

I love my kids(including the one that is not mine)and I owe them the best possible life that I can offer.To do that, I must find somewhere more affordable than California.. But it is a very hard thought of taking them from their mom… taking them from their older sister…and how can I handle 2 newborns, a 2year old, and still have to work??? Do I fight for sole custody and move when I’m scared that I may be asking for more than what I can handle???

Ok, here is my story

When my daughter’s mom told me that she was pregnant, I quit my job..sold my share of a townhouse that I co-owned, left my family and friends and moved 3000 to the SF Bay Area to be there for her. For the past 2 years, I have solely supported not only my daughter..but also her mom..and another child her mom had through a previous relationship. Now the mother is in prison serving 15 month on a felony conviction. Her lack of financial support has put the load on my shoulders in one of the most expensive areas in the country and has left me in debt.

My employer has offered to relocate me to a position in a more affordable area close to the support of my family…but to block this, my daughter’s mom filed a petition for child support against me and have a restraining order stating that I can not take my child out of the state. I have to respond to this petition soon and do not have the cash for a lawyer.

I have records to prove that I provide housing,food,clothing, dental,vision,and medical…but this process is new to me and I need to know what more should I have ready to present the court. Please share any imfo you may have in this area. Thanks…

By giving her plenty of rope

By giving her plenty of rope, do you mean so that she can hang herself?

I’m afraid that’s exactly what I meant. I don’t mean to seem heartless about the whole thing. You obviously have strong feelings for your wife. I’m certainly not qualified to give love advice. I’ve helped screw up my own marriage. That’s why I’m here.
I’m also here to protect myself. Read a few of the stories on this site and others like it. There are some real horror stories out there. I hope things turn out the way you would like them to, but protect yourself just in case. It seems to me that most family courts regard men as sperm donors and financiers. If you throw yourself on the mercy of the court you could find yourself in a worse situation than you’re in now.

I don’t know, perhaps giving her rope is not the way to go. I really don’t know anything about your situation and, even if I did, I’m not qualified to give you advice. If this does end up in court I would hate to see you go in totally unprepared and unprotected. You owe it to yourself and your children to know what you’re doing if it comes to that. None of us know what the future holds, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go there with both eyes open. Good luck.