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Question on child support

Hi, I live in Oregon. My daughter and her mother have decided that she will go to an out of state college with no input from me. My divorce decree from 12 years ago doesn’t mention anything about college.

It just says I will pay till my daughter turns 18 y.o. My daughter started school late, due to a birthday in November. She is almost 19. I still pay my child support faithfully every month, but now I am told I must pay $15,000 yearly plus my child support.

Does anyone have any info? I don’t want to get out of my obligation, I just am wondering if I have any rights? Do I still pay child support to the mother and $15,000 yearly in tuition? Supposedly we will be splitting this cost half and half. I have a feeling this figure will climb, as this number is for tuition only. I just don’t seem to have a voice here. Thank you, Andy.